XV Symposium of Plant Protection
Allelopathy and bioactive substances. Entomology. Phitopatology. Pest and diseases bio-control. Integrated manage of pests.

IX Symposium of Agronomy
Ecological manage of soils. Sustainable technologies of plant production. Urban agriculture. Use of bio and organic Fertilizers. Organic agriculture. Plant biotechnology. Protected crops. Environmental impact on the agriculture. Conservation of the economic interest plants diversity. Allelopathy in the agriculture.

IX Symposium of Veterinary Medicine and Zootechnics
Alternative veterinarian medicine. Current tendencies in bio-security. Prevention and disasters mitigation. Diagnosis and control of diseases with sustainable production systems. Animal feeding. Use of byproducts and local resources in animal production systems. Technologies of animal production. Genetics, breeding and reproduction. Integrated production systems.

IX Symposium of Agriculture Engineering
Modern irrigation technologies. Hydrographic basins manage. Soils dynamic and mechanic. Precision farming. Numeric methods applied to the agricultural engineering. Conservationist agriculture. Agricultural machinery. Renewable energy resources in agricultural sector. Post harvests manage of corps. Agricultural infrastructure.

VI Symposium of Rural Development Process, IV Workshop with producer innovative
Rural and agrarian sustainable development. Security would feed. Rural community and their integration to the local development. The gender situation in rural development. The rural woman. Apprenticeship in the action.

IV Symposium of Ecological Restoration                                                                

Restoration and rehabilitation of population, habitats, ecosystems and landscapes. Ecological restoration and carbon catchments. Methods, techniques and tools for ecological restoration. Biological interactions for ecological restoration. Conservation ex situ - in situ. Roles of Botanic Gardens. Biological invasions. Ecological succession. Urban forestry. Environmental education and community participation.